Warm greetings from Ummeed Foundation a non- profit and non governmental organization dedicated to the upliftment of disabled, we provide assistance to widows, patients, poor and needy/neglected people of the society.
Ummeed Foundation is an organization which provides help to the poor and needy people of the society, in various ways. We provide equipment to support lost abilities of various types of people, like hearing-aids, wheeled-chairs, tri-cycles and calliper-shoes etc.
Besides this we also provide assistance to poor & needy persons in the matter of seeking monetary assistance from philanthropic organizations offering monetary aid for such purposes.

Who we are?

Ummeed Foundation serves humanity irrespective of caste, creed, community and religion. It is solely based on the principle of humanity. Today, Ummeed Foundation gives special thanks to Khidmat Trust (Mumbai), a NGO working for the needy, for its tremendous and continuous support to Ummeed Foundation.

Contact us if you are seeking for donations

poor and needy, disables, widowed or patients! or if you are the one who wants scholarship for his bright future, please fill up the registration form and let us know. our direct mail system will connect you directly with our honourable donors.

Ummeed – THE HOPE, The special school for physically & mentally retarded children.
Disabled people
Physically retarded people
Mentally retarded people
Poor & needy
Poor people


  • Disables
  • Widows
  • Patient
  • Scholarships
  • Other

Counselling & guidance centre for needy.
Scholarships for higher education
Counseling & Career Guidance Centre For Students
Social Awareness

The overall percentage of cases helped by ummeed foundation since the short span of its existence.

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