About us

Ummeed Foundation (Regn No7111) was founded by Mr. Parvez M A Farid. Ummeed Foundation is a non-government and non-profit organization aiming at the empowerment of the less privileged and disabled people. Apart from helping disabled people, Ummeed Foundation also helps widows, poor, orphans, people abandoned by their families and all those who are considered as ‘BURDEN ON THE SOCIETY’

Ummeed Foundation serves humanity irrespective of caste, creed, community and religion. It is solely based on the principle of humanity.

Today, Ummeed Foundation gives special thanks to Khidmat Trust (Mumbai), a NGO working for the needy, for its tremendous and continuous support to Ummeed Foundation. Khidmat Trust (Mumbai) is indeed a true and constant source of strength for Ummeed Foundation.

The Ummeed Founder


 Parvez M A Farid, the man of great benevolence, is the face behind the establishment of Ummeed Foundation. This young man has a beautiful record of serving humanity.

Since early childhood, he had a passionate desire to do something for the welfare of the needy and such of his wishes and dreams paved the way for the establishment of Ummeed Foundation today.

Mr. Parvez Farid

As an Hardware Engineer, having his Computer training technical institute named HINDUSTAN ACADEMY at Kausa, Mumbra which was established in the year 1998 and currently is in it’s 14th year of successful existence. As a teenager, he was different from the other children of his age. When boys of his age would amuse themselves by playing different games, this boy, in his spare time would serve those who were in need; cherishing the dream of serving humanity on a great level one day. He grew up seeing the problems faced by his family for educating and treating his nephew named Salman, a mentally retarded child. It was then that he decided that he would serve the physically & mentally retarded people to the best of his capabilities. Time kept on flying on the wings of air while his dream to bring about a change in the lives of the neglected people of the society kept on getting stronger with each passing day.

Today, with his good will, blessings & grace of Allah and the strong and selfless support from the well wishers like and other humanitarian organizations like KHIDMAT TRUST (Mumbai), he has successfully established Ummeed Foundation– the hope of the despaired hearts.

School for Disabled

To establish a school cum hostel for physically and mentally retarded children on Ummeed Foundation’s own premises.

B.Ed college for Disabled

Exam training centre

Widow Hostel

To establish a hostel named “Aashiyana”
for widows and other women abandoned by their families.

 Establish new branches

 Physiotherapy centre


ITI for Disable

To establish an ITI institute for imparting technical and vocational training to disabled people in order to make them self dependent.

Info awareness Centres

Hospital & pathology

Ummeed Foundation’s future planing are to start a factory manufacturing special equipment like wheel chairs, tricycles and calipers etc and employ disabled people in the same. Also to start a Rehabilitation centre for the treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts.

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