Disable People

Disabled people applying for HELP are aided in the best possible ways by Ummeed Foundation. Ummeed Foundation serves such people with medical fees, medicines, medical equipment like calipers, wheel chairs, tricycles, hearing machines and surgical costs etc. Ummeed Foundation, under its observation gets disabled patients admitted in Government Hospitals and gets them treated properly.

In case of dumb and deaf candidates, Ummeed Foundation takes them to the Ali Yavar Jung Hospital located in Bandra (Mumbai) in order to get their ailments diagnosed correctly and treated accordingly. Subsequently, Ummeed Foundation provides such candidates with suitable medical assistance and tools like hearing machines etc.

Ummeed Foundation believes in offering such an aid that turn fruitful for the receiver for a life time. Us, the foundation strives to the best of its capabilities to make disabled people self sufficient by making them self employed.

Ummeed Foundation helps the deserving candidates, but if the case is beyond the help limits of the foundation, it recommends helps from other NGOs. In these humanitarian works, the grand support offered to Ummeed Foundation by a Mumbai based NGO named “KHIDMAT TRUST” is indeed appreciable.

As stated earlier, counseling and guidance are strong and vital helping tools at Ummeed Foundation. Hence, just the way the foundation spreads awareness amongst the people belonging to other deserving categories about the beneficial Government Schemes, here in the category of Disabled People as well; it gives guidance & support on the special schemes offered by the Government of India for the benefit of disabled people.

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