Education is equally vital as the other basic necessities of life. But unfortunately many brilliant and talented students are compelled leave studies due to financial in capabilities of their families. ere a thousands of students in our country who fall victim to the devil of poverty and drop out from educational institutions and the ultimately push their dreams in the dark corner of their head Understanding the bitterness of this issue, Ummeed Foundation s a goal to help such under privileged students by offering scholarship to needy and bright students.

For this noble cause brightening the futures of deserving students, Ummeed Foundation utilizes the donations received by its well wishers and also seeks the assistance from other NGOs. Ummeed Foundation, strongly believes that children are the future of the country and that these saplings, if nourished with the soil and water of care, love and proper guidance, will turn out be strong trees in future. Hence we, at Ummeed Foundation, imply the best of our efforts to serve the students. Correct career guidance is very important in shaping the future of a student. A number students belonging to lower economic class suffer from the lack proper guidance on choosing the correct career.

As professional Career Guidance centers charge high amounts for counseling.

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