There are crores of widows across the globe, many of them being very young. Sometimes due to negligence of the society & family, they step on the wrong roads for their livelihood.

Keeping in mind, the negligence and the difficulties faced by such women, Ummeed Foundation encourages education amongst widows and imparts vocational training to be self dependent. In some cases, sewing  and dress making training is imparted to widows and poor women and subsequently sewing machines are donated to them helping them be self sufficient. Social status of the candidates applying for help is economically unsound.

A strict formal procedure is followed at Ummeed Foundation prior to the grant in order to ensure that the grant/help is given to the genuinely deserving candidates. If a deserving widow is found suffering from some ailments, medical aid is given to her through other NGO.

Ummeed Foundation always have a strong belief in spreading awareness. Hence, we spread awareness about the various Government schemes for widows that are beneficial but still unknown to many.

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