In the Year 2018-2019:

  1. Special students performed a special drama “Dum Maro Dum” at the event “Daryaaft” 3rd Inter School Urdu Drama Competition organized by Vogue Theatre in association with Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Kala Kendra,Mumbai. Ummeed Students were felicitated with Trophy
  2. Special students performed a special drama conveying the message of best interfaith harmony at the event “Mumbai Heroes” presented at “Humanity First Conclave” Students were honoured with certificate of appreciation
  3. Students gave Special Dance & Solo singing performance at MAGN 2018 event of Anjuman-I-Islam’s IHMCT.
  4. Won 1st Prize in Drama at Inter-School Competition Indradhanush 30th Talent Contest for Special Children organized by Lions Club of (Bombay) Churchgate. Students were felicitated with Trophy, Certificate & Gifts.
  5. Under CSR Bank of Baroda donated Water Purifier for special school
  6. Participated at event Aashayein, students participated in Solo Song & Group Song organized by NM-NSS
  7. Special students appeared & passed out SSC through National institute of Open Schooling (NIOS)

In the Year 2017-18:

  1. Participated in Inter-School Competition Indradhanush 29th Talent Contest for Special Children organized by Lions Club of (Bombay) Churchgate. Students were felicitated with Certificate & Gifts.
  2. Won 2nd Prize in Inter-School Dance Competition Udaan 5 organized by Lions Club of Thane North
  3. Visually Impaired (V.I) Students won 1st prize in Drama on Drugs Addiction at Aashayein 2018 organized by Giants Group of Mumbai Pearls on Sunday, 25th Feb’2018.
  4. Students won 3rd price in Dance Competition at Udaan 5 organized by Lions Club of Thane North.
    Hearing Impaired Students performed National Anthem in Sign Language.
    Students were felicitated with Trophy, Certificates & School bags.
  5. Placed stall for Handmade vocational items by special students at Safa School Exhibition, Mumbai
  6. Received orders of handmade Paper flowers, Diyas, Medals, Handkerchiefs & Greeting Cards made by special students for Women’s Day Run by Decathlon
  7. Students at Taekwando Training by Grand Master Kim & Team at Saniya Hall, Kausa, Mumbra on Monday, 29th Jan’2018. Students were felicitated with trophy.
  8. Hearing Impaired (H.I) student Won 1st Prize in Drawing Competition organized by M.S Creative School.
  9. Student performed for international event 14th Conference of Asian Society Paediatric Anaesthesiologist (ASPA) at Grand Hayat hotel and got the gifts, bags and trophy for school

In the Year 2016-17

  1. Won 1st Prize at 28th Annual Talent Contest Indradhanush Organized By Lions Club of (Bombay) Churchgate at Lala Lajpatrai College on Sunday, 04th Feb’2018. Students were felicitated with appreciation trophy, Certificates & gifts
  2. Hearing Impaired (HI) students presented National Anthem in Sign language & won 2nd prize at Udaan 4 Inter School Competition Organized By Lions Club Of Thane North. Also Special Students participated in Group Dance & Group Song
  3. Won 1st in Qawwali competition organized by National Association of Blind (NAB), India
  4. Students participated & Won 1st 2nd & 3rd Prize in throw ball & 1st & 3rd Prize in running at inter-school competition “Triumph Run” organized by *Rotary Club Thane & Triumph Foundation.
  5. Visually Impaired student won 1st Prize in 100 m Running & Throw Ball at Annual Sports of National Association For The Blind (India), Department of Education.

In the Year 2015-16:

  1. Students won 1st Prize in Dance & 2nd Prize in singing at 27th Annual Talent Contest Indradhanush Organized By  Lions Club Of (Bombay) Churchgate
  2. National Association for the Blind (India) Department of Education (NAB) organized inter school competition, students won 1st prize in Running Race & Shot put ball.
  3. Students won 1st Prize in Inter-school Dance competition at Rotary Club Thane

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