Mission & Vision

“Our vision is to achieve a level of sustainable community development where the majority of the population has access to basic social services”

Today, the world is busy finding new ways of doubling their fortunes. The infrastructure of our country is changing rapidly. India is competing with the most developed countries across the globe with its speedily growing cities full of sky scrapers. While a class of society is blessed with beautiful, long and shining cars aligned in their porches, there is still a great number of people dwelling in the dreary and dingy corners of the city of dreams i.e. Mumbai.

Some true examples of human miseries are the reasons behind the origin of UMEED FOUNDATION —THE HOPE of the despaired hearts…

  • In the dark and lonely lanes, there are houses that have families where blindness runs hereditarily resulting in multiple blind members in a same family. There are numerous such cases with multiple numbers of blind members in one particular family. Such people have never seen the Golden rays of dawn, the beauty of a child’s innocent eyes. eye never saw the beautiful owners and rainbows and probably will never see such beautiful wonders of God’s creations.
  • There are houses where poverty prevails to such an extent that a great number children are deprived of the most essential fuel responsible to keep the cycle of life going i.e. Food. Helpless mothers do not gather the courage to look into the innocent eyes of their children having unanswerable questions in them. Forget about delicacies and tempting foods, these under privileged children live in such miserable conditions that they survive on the left over foods thrown in the dumping areas and garbage heaps.
  • Another dark side of life is that while many of us are blessed with beautiful and luxurious houses having all the modern amenities to make the journey of life a wonderful experience, there are people who have no shelter over their heads and face the bitterness of all the seasons that prove to be awesome and beautiful to those who are blessed with beautiful walls around them.
  • In the shabby towns, there are houses having patients with serious ailments requiring urgent medical assistance to save their lives. But owing to poverty, lack of proper medical care ultimately such patients die leaving behind tears, memories and an eternal sadness for their loved ones.
  • In the beautiful chilling winter nights when the privileged ones of the world lay in the coziness of their adorned bedrooms, covered in their warm furry blankets, on the other side, in the dark, forgotten and narrow lanes, inside a congested shanty, the infant of a diseased mother was eaten up alive by rodents. Pity on the deaf world, that was unable to hear the weak and shivering cries of the baby.

These true incidents of human miseries became the reasons behind the existence of “UMMEED FOUNDATION”

“My mission is to Promote a better quality of life for communities, notably vulnerable population, through their full participation in the development of their communities” – Parvez M. A. Farid