Mr. Parvez M. A. Farid, the man of great benevolence, is the face behind the establishment of UMMEED FOUNDATION. Since early childhood, he had a passionate desire to do something for the welfare of the needy paved the way for the establishment of Ummeed Foundation.
He is a successful Hardware Engineer, having his Computer Institute HINDUSTAN ACADEMY at Kausa, Mumbra established in the year 1998 currently is in its 21th year of successful existence. As a teenager, he was different from the other children of his age. When boys would amuse themselves by playing different games, in his spare time he would serve those who were in need.
He grew up seeing the problems faced by his family for educating and treating his nephew Salman, a specially abled child. It was then he decided that he would work for the specially-abled people to the best of his capabilities. Today, with blessings & grace of Allah and the strong and selfless support from well-wishers and other humanitarian organizations like A.E KALSEKAR EDUCATION & WELFARE TRUST,WORLD MEMON ORGANIZATION,KHIDMAT CHARITABLE TRUST, MEHTA FAMILY CHARITABLE TRUST, he has successfully established UMMEED FOUNDATION the hope of the despaired hearts.
Apart from helping disabled people, Ummeed Foundation also helps widows, poor, orphans, people abandoned by their families and all those who are considered as ‘BURDEN ON THE SOCIETY’. Our endeavour at Ummeed Foundation is to empower the disabled and neglected people through education and employment opportunities so that they live better and respectable lives.
There are various government schemes for the needy but unfortunately not much is known about such schemes to common man. At Ummeed Foundation, emphasis is given to the factor that the needy and poor are educated and informed about various schemes by the government to help such people. Ummeed Foundation serves humanity irrespective of caste, creed, community and religion. It is solely based on the principle of humanity.

►Helps people with education for physically & mentally challenged children viz. Ummeed — The Hope located at Kausa, Mumbra (Maharashtra).
►Helps the deserving candidates by educating them of various government schemes to empower the poor & needy. Helps deserving people by offering free counselling and guidance.
► Helps people requiring medical aid with surgery costs, medicines and other medical expenses.
► Helps physically handicapped people by providing equipment such as wheel chairs, tricycles, callipers, hearing machine etc. distribution of the vital equipment is done on a regular basis by Ummeed Foundation.
►Empowers deserving widows and poor women through the beneficial government schemes, imparts vocational training and distributes sewing machines to them enabling them to be self-dependent.
► Helps genuinely deserving people with financial aid.  Helps needy and poor people with employment opportunities.  Helps needy set uptheir small scale business.
► Offers Career Guidance & Counseling to students.
► Spreads awareness on the neglected issues of the society and demands their solutions from the Government.
► Spreads awareness on the Right To Information Act (RTI) and thus empowers citizens to achieve their rights.

Different Categories & Respective Help Cells

1) Ummeed- THE HOPE The special school for physically & mentally retarded children.
2) DISABLED PEOPLE: a) Physically retarded people (PR) b) Mentally retarded people (MR) c) Physically & mentally retarded people (PMR)
3) POOR & NEEDY a) Widows b) Poor people (PP) c) People abandoned by their families (AP) d) People/patients requiring medical aid (MA) e) Poor senior citizens requiring financial / medical aid (SC)
4) COUNSELING & GUIDANCE CENTRE FOR NEEDY STUDENTS a) Scholarships for higher education b) Counseling & Career Guidance Centre For Students

Free Counselling & Guidance Centre
Currently Ummeed Foundation is running its Free Counseling &Guidance Centre for the needy with the assistance of Hindustan Academy in its office. As already mentioned earlier, under this Counselling & Guidance Centre, Ummeed Foundation unlike any other organization in Mumbai spreads awareness amongst the needy about the beneficial Government schemes for the deserving category of people and guides them thoroughly throughout the formal proceedings in order to obtain the benefits of such schemes.
People requiring Disability Certificates are taken to the Civil Hospital (Thane) on every 4th day of the week i.e. Wednesday by the concerned authorities of Ummeed Foundation and subsequently Disability Certificates with respect to the kind of disabilities the candidates suffer from are obtained by the Government of India. In case of dumb and deaf candidates, such candidates are taken to the Ali Yavar Jung Hospital (Sandra) and thus their respective Disability Certificates are obtained for them.For obtaining any kind of Disability Certificate, a Ration Card is a ‘must have’ Government document. Hence, in case a deserving candidate is found having no Ration Card, Ummeed Foundation ensures that the members of Ummeed’s Help Cell personally accompany such candidates to the Ration Card office and get their Ration Cards made.Apart from the above mentioned activities, Ummeed Foundation also helps the deserving candidates by getting their applications submitted for concessions in Railway & Bus Passes. Ummeed Foundation offers help to all without charging any kind of fees. On the other hand, if required, arranges vehicles for deserving candidates for commuting to different hospitals and Government offices on its own expense. Ummeed Foundation is solely a non­profit organization working for social causes and humanity in the true sense.

Scholarship Schemes
Education is equally vital as the other basic necessities of life. But unfortunately many brilliant and talented students are compelled to leave studies due to financial in capabilities of their families. There are thousands of students in our country who fall victim to the devil of poverty and drop out from educational institutions and thus ultimately push their dreams in the dark corner of their hearts. Understanding the bitterness of this issue, Ummeed Foundation set a goal to help such under privileged students by offering scholarships to needy and bright students.Under this scholarship scheme, brilliant students are offered Educational Aid to pursue higher studies. For this noble cause of brightening the futures of deserving students, Ummeed Foundation utilizes the donations received by its well wishers and also seeks the assistance from other NGOs Ummeed Foundation’s Counselling & Career Guidance Centre For Students.Ummeed Foundation, strongly believes that children are the future of the country and that these saplings, if nourished with the soil and water of care, love and proper guidance, will turn out to be strong trees in future. Hence we, at Ummeed Foundation, imply the best of our efforts to serve the students. Correct career guidance is very important in shaping the future of a student. A number ofstudents belonging to lower economic class suffer from the lack of proper guidance on choosing the correct career. As professional Career Guidance centers charge high amounts for counseling. Realizing the need and importance of a reliable guidance centre for students, Ummeed Foundation set up a Counselling & Career Guidance Centre for students requiring the assistance of the same nature. It is the constant endeavor of our counseling experts to offer guidance and counseling sessions to the students in the best possible ways. The mentioned centre works completely on no profit.

Social Awareness

There are a lot of issues/ malpractices prevalent in the society requiring attention of the Government. Such issues not only cause difficulties to the lives of citizens but also deprive them of their basic rights. Hence Ummeed Foundation, understanding the need of the hour, decided to bring such neglected problems into light and thus drawing attention of the government towards them. Thereby creating pressure on the officials concerned with solutions of such issues in the most humble way.The aim of Ummeed Foundation is to build a bridge between common man and the government so as to ensure that the voice of citizens is heard and subsequently necessary steps are taken to bring about a change in the system. For the same cause, the foundation takes the assistance of media tools like newspaper, hand bills, hoardings etc. Moreover, Ummeed Foundation spreads awareness on different Government schemes amongst the deserving people like widows, patients, senior citizens and disabled people etc. The foundation organizes awareness camps and seminars for the cause of spreading awareness on government schemes. Also, we spread awareness on Right to Information Act (RTI) enabling common people know their rights and thus empowering them to achieve their rights.Widows, students &differently abled people are made aware about schemes in social & justice Thane MahanagarPalika schemes like SarveSikshanAbhiyan, Mahila Baal VikasYojna, etc People are made aware regarding government schemes by Govt officers, how to get, fill the form &avail benefits from the schemes. Last yearapprox total amount of Rs. 42.00 Lacs is sanctioned in Mumbra. Some of the Ummeed students received Rs.18000/-throughgovernment schemes.


  • Free Medical assessment is provided to our Ummeed students through our Health Care Centre
  • We have Unused Medicine Bank Project,where college students collect unused medicines from their locality and give to us. This is distributed to the poor & needy peopleFree Physiotherapy is provided to the children of age below 14 years
    Various camps like IQ, Medical, and Caliper Camps are conducted

  • Different vocational training is provided to students of different categories
  • Computer/Braille training is provided to blind students & adults through Staff of NAB(National Association for the Blind, India)
  • Screen Printing Training is provided in collaboration with Government Institute of Printing & Technology, Mumbai
  • Vocational training of making Diyas, Greeting Cards, and Flowers, are given to special students


  • Ummeed Foundation have contact with various Government portals to provide Training & placement service to differently abled people through VRC (Vocational Rehabilitation Centre), NAB (National Association For The Blind, India)
  • Deserving candidates are sent for training in electrical appliances repairing with placement assurance
  • We have Skill Development Training programs especially for the dropout students in which they can earn and learn with Corporate Certification
  • We also make employment Card for our Ummeed’s Students to get them placement service
  • We also register deserving candidates for placement service.
  • Free Placement in L&T Ltd. with accommodation & training.
  • Scholarship forms provided for deserving students


  • Ration distribution on basis of donations received by donors in the holy month Ramzan
  • Collection of Old clothes & distributed to poor & needy people
  • Unused medicines distribution
  • Collection of old newspapers
  • Distribution of handmade diyas, greeting cards, flowers to officers on the occasion of Diwali to various Government departments


  • Visitors from other foundations keep visiting our school
  • To gain knowledge we also keep visiting other institutes with staff, students & parents
  • Various workshops for the staff, students and parents for their development
  • Various activities like money making, personality development programme for differently abled students to make them self-dependent
  • Visit of Govt officers in our school for assistance about Govt schemes on regular basis

Help Cards

At present there are around 3000 registration of people belonging to different categories like widows, patents,poor people, senior citizens and disable people etc. in order to facilitate the aid to needy, ummeed foundation on complete verification of each case, issues a HELP CARD to the candidate requiring help. Since a very strict formal procedure is followed during the investigation of each case,the HELP CARD proves that the card holder is genuinely eligible for getting an aid/help and most importantly benefit of the HELP CARD is that no re-investigation required while giving any kind of help to the card holder. Also, Ummeed Foundation has consulted various hospital,clinics,medical stores,educational institutions and other NGOs etc. located in Kausa Mumbra and Mumbai regarding the help cards issued to the poor and needy.Hence the HELP CARD holders on producing their cards get special discounts and help at various such places. e validity of a HELP CARD is 1 year and is issued free of cost to the genuinely deserving candidates.

Placement Services

Unemployment is a curse which gives birth too many social evils and misleads the youth who are in search of their bread and butter on the wrong paths. Hence, Ummeed Foundation, with the most-humble motto of helping unemployed youth with suitable employment opportunities stepped ahead and set a special department called as the “Placement Cell” under its roof. Under this department, the concerned officials strive hard to help people who are in search of suitable jobs.The candidates seeking jobs are required to register themselves under the Placement Cell. The officials of the mentioned cell keep records of the candidates.They contact various corporate offices and companies regarding the openings that such organizations have and subsequently send the candidatures of suitable candidates as per the requirement of the job profile to the companies having job openings.

As mentioned earlier, all activities of Ummeed Foundation are based on NO PROFIT principle and are solely aimed to serve humanity in the true sense. Ummeed Foundation’s “WE ARE ONE PHILOSOPHY”

As said earlier, we, at Ummeed Foundation, aim at empowering the needy and neglected people of the society. A harsh truth is that such people are often ill-treated and considered as burdens on the earth by the blessed ones. Also, no importance is given to such people by the world. Considering such cruel realities and in order to get an easy understanding and analysis of the nature of the dilemma of the candidates, Ummeed Foundation has set different categories/ groups of people requiring help/ aid. This results in an immediate solution to the problem. More-over it helps us maintain an overall healthy record. Ummeed Foundation is an organization that aims at an overall development of the lives of the needy. Hence, the way we have set different categories of help depending on the nature of problem of the people, we select a HEAD/LEADERfrom amongst the people belonging to each category as well. The leader of any categoris responsible to visit and communicate with the people belonging to his/her category on a regular basis and forward their problems to Ummeed Foundation enabling it to help the ones in need immediately.This system of selecting a leader inculcates the feelings of belonging and togetherness between the organization and the people it works for.

Future Plans

  • To establish a school cum hostel for physically and mentally retarded children on Ummeed Foundation’s own premises.
  • To establish a hostel named “Aashiyana” for widows and other women abandoned by their families.
  • To establish an ITI institute for imparting technical and vocational training to disabled people in order to make them self dependent.
  • To establish a special B.Ed college for disabled people.
  • As government of India has reserved just a meagre quota of 3% of government jobs for disabled candidates. Ummeed Foundation does not want failure of such candidates in the tough examination that is conducted for such government jobs Hence, we at Ummeed aim at establishing a training centre in order to train and prepare disabled candidates for Government examinations ensuring that they obtain their rights.
  • To establish Ummeed Foundation’s branch across Maharashtra& rest of the country in order to serve the needy on a larger scale.
  • To start a Physiotherapy Centre for disabled children helping in an early treatment (from the early days of childhood) of the physical ailments of young children ensuring more successful treatment results.
  • To set up Information Centres across Maharashtra spreading awareness on various beneficial Government Schemes for needy, patients, widows and disabled people.
  • To start hospital with Pathological laboratory to serve disabled and needy.
  • To start a factory manufacturing special equipments like wheel chairs, tricycles and calipersetc and employ disabled people in the same.
  • To start a Rehabilitation centre for the treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts.


  • You can help us through placing order for printing visiting cards, letter heads, etc
  • You can also place order for handmade greeting cards, flowers, diyas
  • You can help us by becoming member of Ummeed Foundation through monthly contribution of Rs. 200/- Rs. 500/- etc
  • You can also help us in chain system of membership
  • Through contribution of zakat, sadqa
  • By giving us work for online marketing of your products through Ummeed Foundation, from which we will have part of profit from your sold out product

UMMEED CATERING CO.: Main aim of this catering co is to provide work to disable, needy persons, and widows, so that they can earn their daily wages. One-part profit of this will be given to Ummeed Foundation. This catering co. will take all kinds of orders all over Mumbai and Thane city for Marriages, Events, and Canteens etc

FALAQUE GARDEN HALL: Falaque Garden Hall  in Mumbra is the first achievement for Ummeed Catering Co. It is available on rental basis. The Main aim is to provide work for disable, needy, and widows so that they can earn on their daily wages. One-part profit of this is given to Ummeed Foundation.

Ummeed construction co:  This construction co. will take labour contract, plaster, tilling repairing plumbing etc. this company main motto is to provide employment to the disable as per his/her ability. The income earn by this company one part profit/royalty will be given to the Ummeed foundation

Ummeed Engineering & Fabrication co: The main aim of this company to assemble and manufacture equipment’s like Tricycle, Wheel chair, crunches, sticks, commode etc. skilled Training will be provided to disable in all kind of fabrication electrical and engineering works. We will take all kind of annual maintenance contract (AMC)

Your One Order Can Change Their Life…




At the time of admission: Shoeb was studying in a normal school. At that time he had low vision problem. He was able to see only bold prints. His eyes have been operated nine times and the surgeries have failed resulting into complete loss of vision. His mother is a strong willed person completely involved in his education.


  • Shoeb was made to develop confidence by his special educators. His teachers kept on encouraging him to interact with others. He was made to participate in different activities that are possible for him.
  • Earlier the staff did not know Braille and he was taught orally. The focus was he should be able to mingle with others.
  • When Ummeed contacted NAB(National Association Of Blind) their educators helped Shoeb to learn Braille. He has learnt very quickly.
  • He is taught computer typing.
  • He has learnt the use of white cane and is able to be walk on his own.
  • He has been able to participate in the Annual sports organized by NAB where he won first prize for shot put.
  • His mother keeps regularly in touch with his progress.
  • She is counseled to take care of him in a better way.
  • He has been also taught abacus and is able to do math concept and has become well versed with it. He is Very interested in studying and wants to be self reliant.
  • His next stage is vocational training.

At the time of admission:Mushtaq’s parents approached the Ummeed school for admission as he was very Hyper and was not to sit still at all. He didn’t have toilet training and use to mess himself. His parents informed that he use to harm himself. Mushtaq was not in their control at all. He didn’t have balance in his body and having low vision couldn’t co-ordinate his movements. Having low IQ with a minor hearing problem and uses a hearing aid. Father works as mechanic in a garage. His mother is a Home maker. They hardly earns enough to meet his family’s needs.


  • He was admitted into the school and fortunately he had most of the documents.
  • The staff first had to make him settle down which took a long time. This was a painstaking slow process.
  • He was given physiotherapy treatment constantly for improving his movements and walk.
  • The teachers maintained a constant check on him and regularly took him to the toilet. Presently he now himself goes without being reminded.
  • He is made to sit on the CP chair which protects him from falling and controls his aggressive movements. A staff member keeps talking to him on and off to make him aware that he is paid attention.
  • He had reduced harming himself but still prefers to stay alone.
  • His mother is counseled on how to react to him and help him with his needs.
  • Mushtaq today is able to sit still for more time then he use to earlier.

At the time of admission: Naqi Ali bought by his parents to the school was not able to walk at all as his leg muscles were very stiff and left hand also not in use. He was  not able to speak as he is mute but could hear clearly.Aggressive and violent. He didn’t have social behavior at all. His father is a tailor and mother is a home maker.


  • He didn’t have any proper documents excepting his birth certificate.
  • His parents were guided on how to obtain ration card, adhar card.
  • They were sent to Thane civil hospital for disability certificate. One staff member were assigned specifically to help them.
  • In the beginning he was made to calm down by sitting on the CP chair. A staff kept close by monitored him.
  • He was not toilet trained at all and had to wear a pamper as he had not control. Gradually with regular prompting he has begun going to the toilet but still needs to be reminded.
  • His fine motor skills are still not good enough and find it difficult to grip anything.
  • He hardly communicates with his classmates. Although he loves to play but as he is still not in control of his emotions he doesn’t get along.
  • After being treated with therapy he has started to walk and needs to wear calipers for more strength. In the start he was not able to eat by himself as his fine skills were very poor. Now with constant care and treatment he is able to eat by himself.
  • He has now begun to communicate with some signs his needs.
  • Parents are constantly called and briefed on his improvement and treatment.